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3 New Social Media Rules

May 1, 2013

BlackSighHave We Run Out of Things to Say? Or Are We Saying Too Much?

I watched a baby’s birth on Facebook this morning. Not via webcam — thank goodness — but with each centimeter that this high school friend’s wife dilated, he told the world about it. We weren’t really that close in high school. I didn’t feel like this is information I should have. And, why wasn’t he enjoying those moments with his wife and new son instead of Facebooking each and every second away from them?

There’s “too much” and then there’s “not enough to warrant a post so just keep it to yourself”.

I’ve been seeing one-word tweets and Facebook updates quite a bit lately. “Sigh.” “Sleepy.” Even “ugh.” Is this a call for attention, a soft scream for someone to jump in and ask “what’s wrong?” Maybe it’s the need to have the top status update in our friends’ stream.

Or it is simply the fact that we’ve run out of things to say because the conversation and noise are continuous and we still feel the constant need to be a part of it?

So, because I don’t want to over-share or talk just to hear the sound of my own voice, I’ve decided to adopt three new social media rules:

  1. Does it benefit or help someone else? Could someone else learn from the link I’m sharing? Could a homeless pet find its perfect family? If so, I’ll be tweeting and Facebooking it.
  2. Does it lift someone up? If I can introduce two people that should be BFFs or show gratitude for something, I’ll do it.
  3. I’m not CNN. I won’t ever be the one to break national, state or even local news, and I’m not going to even try.
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  1. Well said, Summer. And, sorry you had to read those updates!

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