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Dog Leash Tutorial

June 13, 2012

I learned to sew when I was in junior high. I was good at it — and fast my mother tells me, but I never really loved it. A couple of years ago, I took it up again. I’m still fast, and I can sew a straight line like nobody’s business. And this time around, I love it!

Now, I’m not going to be designing my own clothes anytime soon, but if you need an apron, a dog bed or a custom pillowcase, I’m your girl. This week, I also added dog leashes to my repertoire. I have four completed dog leashes in my hands that will be donated to Austin Pets Alive! the next time I’m there. They were actually very easy to make!

If you wanna make one or four or ten, here’s all you’ll need for each one:

  • two yards of nylon webbing, 1″ wide
  • two yards and two inches of ribbon, 5/8″ wide
  • coordinating all-purpose thread
  • a 1″ swivel hook

Step 1. Center the ribbon along the webbing with about one inch of ribbon hanging over each end. I don’t even pin the ribbon down. I tried pinning on the first one, but I had to do as much re-adjusting and re-centering as I did when I didn’t use pins.

Step 2. Sew along each edge of the ribbon, securing it to the webbing.

Step 3. Make a small loop on one end of your soon-to-be leash and slide the swivel hook on. Tuck the loose ribbon in and close the loop with a box stitch or any other stitch you’d like to use to secure the swivel hook. I back-stitched every little bit to make sure my loop and hook were secure.

Step 4. Make a larger loop on the other end — mine ended up about seven inches long — for the handle. Again, tuck the loose inch of ribbon in and close the loop with a box stitch. I made sure that my hand would fit in the loop and that it would rest comfortable on my wrist. That’s just how I walk dogs — loop around my wrist, resting the leash in my hand.

Step 5. Walk your dog!

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